A cloud-based (SaaS) web mapping application designed specifically for viewing, integrating and collaborating on survey & inspection datasets

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Transform how you organize, manage, and visualize your inspection data with the INSPECTonLine SaaS application.

INSPECTonLine is a cost-effective cloud hosted geospatial platform designed specifically to integrate survey and inspection data commonly associated with utility inspections, underground detection surveys, aerial drone inspections, and facility and property management visualizations.

Collaborate & Share Your Inspection Data

INSPECTonLine addresses the need to store, share, and view disparate datasets associated with survey and inspection projects.  As a cloud hosted resource, project teams can access the web mapping portal to collaborate, view, and integrate data visualizations such as: drone video feeds, imagery, high-resolution photos, 3D models, and GIS/CAD data.

Visualize Your Above & Below Ground Project Data

INSPECTonLine is ideal for managing & visualizing survey and inspection projects associated with:

  • Underground Detection of Utilities
  • Power Line Inspections
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Property & Facility Management
  • Oil & Gas Distribution 
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Transportation Networks

Benefits of INSPECTonLine

Your Data When and
Where You Need It

INSPECTonLine is a web-based platform enabling an organization to collaborate from anywhere and bring all of their survey & inspection data and documentation into one cloud-based solution.

  • Visualize above and below ground data from multiple data sources & sensors
  • Store and share your inspection & construction spatial data across your organization
  • Visualize 2D maps, 3D models, site photos and drone video feeds

Document & Manage Your Inspection Operations

INSPECTonLine allows you to manage your drone and inspection operations as an enterprise accessible solution and to collaborate with team members via web-based interfaces.

  • Use the Fault Manager features to tag, report, geo-comment, and classify inspection findings and asset faults
  • Designed for any sized organization and to scale as your enterprise or inspection needs grow
  • Connect your team and stakeholders to a visually accurate representations of your project site that incorporates multiple data sources and spatial datasets

Visualize Your Drone Data Collections

Drone fly-overs and inspections significantly increase safety, reduce costs, and bring high-resolution video, image, and LiDAR data capture to your inspection project. INSPECTonLine provides the means for team members and stakeholders to visualize, manage, and store the data obtained from drone collections and sensors.

Integrate With Your Esri GIS and CAD Data

Easily integrate your existing Esri spatial datasets and take advantage of INSPECTonLine’s base maps to add detailed geospatial information and reference data to your project. Allow your team to annotate, comment, and identify areas of concern and document a visual record of site conditions.

Visualize Your 3D Models & Satellite / Aerial Imagery

Create interactive site views by incorporating your 3D models, aerial and satellite imagery and site photos. INSPECTonLine provides a single solution to view of each of your project sites and enables a standardized method to visually and spatially document each site.

Key Features of INSPECTonLine

Project Planner

Support the planning processes
Establish your inspection project to include defining the project purpose, scope, descriptions, and spatial extents of the area of ​​interests or assets involved.

Accessible in the field or in the office
With the INSPECTonLine Project Planning features you can collect, store, and view input from contractors, site inspectors, and stakeholders whether in the field or in the office and keep up-to-date on project status.

Data Integration

Integrate with multiple data sources
INSPECTonLine can store and integrate a wide range of data to include: satellite and aerial imagery, drone video captures, photographs, vector and raster as well as 3D models. The multiple data types and file formats integrated into a project provide an extensive range of spatial analysis and decision support.

View Live Data Feeds
INSPECTonLine supports LIVE broadcasting enabling designated users to access, and monitor or control Drone operations and inspections in real time.

Faults Manager

Flag Inspection Findings
INSPECTonLine provides the tools to flag and categorize inspection findings (faults) using features such as: marking faults and findings directly on georeferenced photographs, conducting map measurements and image-based inspections.

Share data when and where you need it
Through the integration of data (imagery, videos, photographs), and the Faults Manager toolsets, INSPECTonLine provides a centralized and web / mobile based solution to store, view, and share inspection findings.

User Management

Control User Access and Rights
Using INSPECTonLine’s administration panel, you can control User rights, their ability to view and edit content, and manage which resources Users have access to.

Enterprise Solution
Everyone from contractors, to inspection managers, to land surveyors and field crews can work on the same datasets. As a centralized and managed solution for performing inspections, INSPECTonLine helps ensure everyone is viewing the latest inspection details, up-to-date status and progress monitoring.

Multi-Use Inspection Platform

Transmission & Distribution Line Inspections

Lower your inspection costs and increase safety using drones and INSPECTonLine to inspect structural elements and the condition and state of assets associated with distribution lines.

Utility Asset Inspections

Identify and document utility asset damages and issues and store the photos and videos within the INSPECTonLine platform as inspection projects for team collaboration.

Construction & Engineering

Create and manage an interactive view of your construction site using INSPECTonLine and visualize the suite of maps, photos, 3D models and drone videos feeds all in one location.

Property & Facility Management Inspections

Use INSPECTonLine to visualize the facilities and property grounds using high resolution imagery and 3D models of your facilities.

Transportation Assets Inspections

Save time and reduce costs of performing transportation asset inspections and surveys by using Drones data and INSPECTonLine.

Cloud Hosted & Enterprise Accessible

Access your inspection data when you need it & where you need it

In the Cloud or On-Premise

INSPECTonLine is available On-Premise or as a SaaS Cloud-Based platform delivering the value of an enterprise geospatial mapping application to multiple users and stakeholders within your organization. GISonLine’s deployment experts work with you to implement the best solution to fit your business needs.

  • Cloud hosted
  • Within your organization’s cloud
  • Deployed On-Premise

Fully Managed Cloud Services

GISonLine’s managed services focus on the cloud hosting, security, data backups, and cloud system monitoring so you can continue to focus on your business. With GISonLine’s cloud hosting services, you get INSPECTonLine fully operational in the cloud and accessible to your team.

Security & Compliance Standards

Data Protection is top priority. GISonLine’s team of experts ensure each INSPECTonLine cloud hosted solution meets security compliance standards so you can safely use, share, and store your geospatial and inspection datasets.

  • Automated data backups and restoration
  • Network Monitoring
  • SSL Encryption and Firewalls
  • Access and Role-based Permissions
  • Antivirus and Malware Scanning

Data Visualization & Integration

Explore & integrate your data all in one place

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