Team as a Service

We’ll build a team that merges with your own to
form a unified and collaborative work environment

What is Team as a Service

An Extension to Your Team 

Team as a Service is a selection of GIS specialists and application developers that can become an extension to your team and available to join your project and support your business needs.

You Select Desired Team-Members

Team as a Service represents an efficient and scalable way to get access to experienced and certified personnel who are experts in their field. You can choose a single support role or request a team of qualified experts.

GISonLine’s Team as a Service staffing stay up-to-date with modern geospatial tools, platforms, and development environments such as: Esri ArcGIS, AutoDesk, Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps…and more.

Supporting Your Business Critical Projects

Due to resource constraints, many organizations find that they do not have the in-house capacity or expertise to deliver critical projects. GISonLine’s Team as a Service support can take multiple forms to support your project ranging from web & mobile GIS application developers, to GIS analysts & data managers, to business intelligence & dashboard specialists.

Benefits of Team as a Service

Team-as-a-Service is a smart way for companies to scale
up or offload important business critical projects


Get quick access to experienced and certified personnel
who are experts in the field of Geospatial technologies
and application development.


Team as a Service represents an "On demand" approach
to teaming and staffing requirements. Scale team-members
up or down depending on project budget & needs.


With Team as a Service, you avoid the internal hiring process.
Instead, you work with our Service Manager to select the right
team-members and get your project moving as quickly & efficiently
as possible.


You choose your team size and the expertise and qualifications
that fit your needs. Select a single support role or have a team
of qualified experts from GIS technicians to web and mobile
application developers.


Team members supporting client projects are comfortable using
Agile methodologies with frequent team meetings, scrums, and
sprints to complete tasks & projects. It's easier than ever to work
in a distributed environment with modern communication tools.


With Team as a Service you have predictable costs. Expenses are
calculated based on the number of team members assigned to the
project and the length of their engagement. Team members
can be scaled up or down depending on budget and project needs.

Expertise to Support
Your Project

Keep The Focus On Your Project

Get access to personnel with the knowledge & skills you are currently lacking in-house.

  • Business Analysts
  • CAD & GIS Technicians
  • Geospatial Database Administrators
  • Web & Mobile Application Developers
  • Quality Assurance Testers
A New Model of Collaboration

Communication is at the heart of every project. Team as a Service is the perfect example of a team working together using modern communication, management, and collaboration tools.

An Agile Way of Working

Agile Methods

With an emphasis on client interaction and feedback, we follow Scrum techniques
that focus on smaller development increments (sprints) designed to deliver new functionality.








Rapid Prototyping

Team members work closely with clients to understand how custom applications support and enrich their business capabilities. The application development process can include rapid prototyping designed to optimize client interaction and feedback to ensure product success.

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