An Augmented Reality (AR) mobile application designed to transform how you visualize underground utilities and infrastructure.


Real Time 3D Visualization of Underground Utilities

Augmented Reality Visualization

ARonLine is an Augmented Reality (AR) application specifically designed for visualizing underground utilities and assets. ARonLine uses AR technology to superimpose digital information (like geospatial utilities data) onto a mobile device’s camera view.

Increase Field Crew Safety

Utility crews, excavators, engineers and construction teams use the ARonLine mobile application to visualize the location of underground utilities in real time. Increase field crew safety and reduce the risk of damages to underground assets.

Simple and Easy to Use Interfaces

The ARonLine application User Interfaces are simple and easy to use and provide field crews and constructions teams with the ability to quickly visualize underground utilities and assets.

Key Features

Phone / Tablet Ready

ARonLine is available on Android supported mobile devices and can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store.

SaaS Subscription

ARonLine is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. A subscription to ARonLine allows field crews and mobile workers the ability to access the ARonLine application and establish unlimited number of projects for visualizing underground assets.

GIS & CAD Support

Visualize your CAD or Esri ArcGIS datasets in Augmented Reality. ARonLine works with GIS and CAD utility datasets that have been georeferenced to their physical location.

Geospatial Tools & Analysis

ARonLine contains built-in tools such as viewing feature attributes, measuring feature lengths, and setting desired feature symbology to support communication and decision making.

Calibrate for High Accuracy

ARonLine provides users with the ability to calibrate the AR data to existing physical features to support higher levels of accuracy without the need for external GPS devices.

Create Projects & Stay Organized

Organize your work and collaborate with others based on Projects created within the ARonLine application. Each Project provides the ability to load in desired datasets associated with your project site or area of interest and visualize in augmented reality mode.

Visualize Your Underground Assets

With Augmented Reality

Changing How We Visualize Data

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is quickly changing the way we interact and visualize the physical world. There are multiple use-cases where visualizing what is buried beneath the surface of the ground plays an important role in areas such as public safety, utilities management and construction projects.

Underground Surveys & Detection

GISonLine specializes in underground infrastructure detection and surveying using specialized equipment such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electro-Magnetic Locators (EML) to create a digital and accurate representation of what is buried underground.

Utilities Mapping and AR Visualizations

Combine the results of a precise underground survey and detailed mapping of sub-surface utilities with 3D visualization using ARonLine.

  • Comprehensive understanding of sub-surface infrastructure
  • Real time 3D visualization of the location, depth and characteristics of utilities
  • Improve key decision making, worker efficiency, and site safety
  • Utilize Esri GIS or CAD data within the ARonLine application

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Use Your Existing Underground Utility Data

Using Your Existing GIS and CAD Utilities Data

Take advantage of your existing utility datasets (water, gas, electric, telecom..etc) managed and maintained within your GIS or CAD systems and use ARonLine to easily and accurately visualize what lies beneath the surface.

  • Locate and visualize underground infrastructure in real time
  • Identify gaps in data during site visits
  • Avoid accidental utility line cuts at project sites
  • Communicate with project teams to share and visualize utility data


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