Transforming the district heating network management through the implementation of the ESRI Utility Network – Veolia

Client: Veolia Group
Location: Poland

Veolia is the largest private district heating network operator in Poland. It operates district heating in 78 cities and manages district heating networks in 58 cities.

Veolia Term provides the following services:

Supply of energy utilities:

  • system heat for heating purposes and domestic hot water
  • Heating-related services operation of substations, boiler rooms, and replacement of heat meters / water meters
  • Energy efficiency audit of other companies
  • Small producer cogeneration
  • Construction of comprehensive energy solutions and operation of local heat sources, container boiler houses, and electrode boilers
  • Renewable energy source (RES) installations and photovoltaic heat pump energy storage
  • Management of district heating systems – cooperation with the city administration and businesses – leasing of the heating system

GISonLine implemented ESRI Utility Network technology to optimize network management processes by creating a faithful model of the district heating network.


The Impact

Implementation of ESRI Utility Network technology enables the optimization of network management processes through faster access to information about failures and events using the analytics module in ESRI’s solution.

Another benefit is the ability to inform users of water supply interruptions in advance.

The Outcome

GISonLine successfully implemented the ESRI Utility Network solution platform into Veolia’s business operations. Now Veolia’s users can effectively utilize the mechanisms of guided editing, quality validation and network rules, supporting their employees with their network management business processes.



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