Pilot implementation of Utility Network for the Power Grid – PKP Power (Rail Energy)

Client: PKP Power (Rail Energy)

Location: Poland

The project to implement a network topology based on graph technology was part of a larger program – the transformation of PKP Power (a European utility provider) asset management processes using modern geospatial capabilities to support the supply, management, and delivery of electricity distribution for railway transportation.

The project aimed to verify the ESRI Utility network technology about the business needs of PKP Power and to plan a roadmap for the future implementation of the Utility Network.



The Impact

GISonLine implemented a pilot of the the ESRI Utility Network project,

GISONline implemented a pilot project to conduct a series of workshops in which the strengths and weaknesses of the technology were verified by modeling a real slice of customer data.

The Outcome

The pilot project allowed the client to familiarize themselves with the technology, understand the benefits and limitations, and prepare a plan for the future implementation of the Utility Network

With over 800 users connecting to the GRIDonLine platform, visualization of PKP Energetyka assets and their details can be communicated across the enterprise and managed via the centralized repository.



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