Using Ground Penetrating Radar to Map & Visualize Underground Utility Networks (Bad Bevensen, Germany)


Client: Exact
Location: Bad Bevensen, Germany

In support of its survey and inspection partnership, GISonline conducted an underground detection survey to create multi-disciplinary digital maps of the underground utilities network covering an area of ​​approximately 1 Kilometer in the Bad Bevensen region of Germany. The project included integrating data from a comprehensive soil surveys associated with sections of the project area for the visualization of buried utilities and soil types.

The Impact

The project had a significant impact on determining the course and the depth of the existing underground utility network using detection methods such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

The Outcome

GISonLine successfully conducted the underground detection survey of the project site and utility lines and produced key sets of deliverables:

  •  GRP survey detection of underground obstacles and objects
  • Preparation and delivery of underground utility maps
  • Integration of existing documentation related to the project site
  • Delivery of all CAD mapping data and files



Inspection and Survey



Energy & Utilities
Survey & Inspection




Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

GRIDonLine is a comprehensive GIS Utilities Asset Management (AM) system designed to scale from small to large enterprise utility networks.

INSPECTonLine is a cloud-based (SaaS) web mapping application designed specifically for viewing, integrating and collaborating on survey & inspection datasets.

ARonLine is an Augmented Reality mobile application that transforms your CAD and GIS utilities data into amazing Augmented Reality (AR) visualizations.

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